Benefit Concert Opera Gala in Kežmarok 2018 with the Patronage of Edita Gruberová


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Kežmarok – Genius loci of La Scala in Milan will come alive under the tallest mountains in Slovakia, High Tatras, in the ancient city of Kežmarok possessing illustrious history. On Sunday, August 19, 2018, at 5 pm the exclusive interior of Wooden Evangelical Articular Church – national cultural monument – registered by UNESCO situated in the neighbourhood of the city centre – will be resounded by the stories about the love and betray in semi-jubelee beneficial concert “Opera Gala in Kežmarok”.

Slovenská verzia

The patronage over the concert will be held by opera diva Edita Gruberová

This unique event, opening the gates to the wonderland and opera world’s magic, which connects the noble art with strong human stories is a symbiosis of full-grown artistry of renowned Slovak opera soloists and fresh art of young talents – stars of tomorrow.

Participants of Opera Gala 2018

In fifth anniversary concert the renowned Slovak artists successfully established on international opera stages will be presented. Baritone Richard Šveda, born in Svidník (East Slovakia), is now a soloist of Deutsche Oper am Rhein in Düsseldorf. The voice of mezzosoprano Zuzana Šveda, born in Matejovce near Poprad (under the High Tatras), also sounds often on stages abroad. This year, the relay of young talents will be taken over by Slávka Zámečníková, born in Bánovce and Bebravou, a student of Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin, and a member of Berliner Staatsoper Unter den Linden Opera Studio led by world-known conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim. Slávka Zámečníková is a laureate of various international competitions and a winner of revived Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský Singing Competition in Trnava (western Slovakia) in 2017. The essential ingredient of the concert’s opera and song menu will be the piano accompanying of Júlia Grejtáková, an accompanist in the Opera of the State Theatre in Košice as well as a chief accompanist and dramaturge of Opera Slovakia.

Program of Concert

The repertoire of Gala Concert offers delicacies of world opera literature giants including Saint-Saëns, Wagner, Puccini, Mozart, Offenbach, Charpentier, Massenet, Bizet or Gounod. The songs of Slovak composers Bartolomej Urbanec, Mikuláš Schneider-Trnavský and Eugen Suchoň whose jubilees are commemorated this year will also be an integral part of the concert.

Benefit Character of the Concert

In concert, the tunes of the world opera maestros and the Slovak song creations will be interlaced with the profound message of humanity. This year, the yield from the concert will be dedicated to the balneal cure for the seriously handicapped Vierka (22) from village Tvarožná near Kežmarok by the producer Opera Slovakia, o. z. in the cooperation with the Foundation TA3 and its administrator Peter Káčer. Just during the first year of her life she was diagnosed for the Infantile Spinal Muscular Atrophy, type I (Werdnig–Hoffmann disease). As a consequence of a muscular atrophy, her vertebral column is warping, and she will never walk. The balneal cure helps her much, but the health insurance covered its costs only up to her full age of 18 – from this time she has to pay for it herself. Since the cure is cost-demanding – above 3.000 € – she cannot afford it. Therefore, one therapeutic cycle will be financially contributed by the opera artists who will perform without the fee requirements.

Vierka H.,
foto Ľudovít Vongrej

About the Concert

Opera Gala in Kežmarok takes place regularly from 2014 in the summer time on the anniversary occasion of the news and opinion journalistic internet magazine’s activation, The concert is profiling not only as a city social event with the participation of various organisations and individuals but also as a distinguished event of the region with the aim to enhance it for achieving a unique every-year expected Slovak-wide opera beneficial event of year. The concert gradually acquires ardent fans from the whole Slovakia and abroad who are, together with the benefit, attracted by the possibility to see live in the picturesque region under Tatra the exceptional Slovak artistic personalities performing on the domestic and international opera stages. The producer is Opera Slovakia, o. z., whose principal aim is the popularization of the opera fine art.

The high level of the concert is kept by engaging the best artists. Since 2014 the performers were various singers established on the international opera stages as well as young talents also possessing an international expertise. As an example, Boris Prýgl, now performing in München, or Peter Kellner who just became a new permanent member of the Wiener Staatsoper should be noted among them.

Operné gala v Kežmarku 2015,
foto: Zdenko Hanout

Gallery of Opera Gala in Kežmarok Performers

Jana Kurucová, mezzo-soprano (2014), Jaroslav Dvorský, tenor (2014), Emília Csémy, soprano (2014), Marianna Hochelová, soprano (2014), Judita Andelová, mezzo-soprano (2014), Martin Kovács, baritone (2014), Matej Rendoš, boy soprano (2014), Štefan Kocán, bass (2015), Patricia Janečková, soprano (2015), Peter Kellner, bass (2015), Titusz Tóbisz, tenor (2015), Mária Porubčinová, soprano (2016), Peter Berger, tenor (2016), Pavol Kubáň, baritone (2016), Jolana Fogašová, soprano (2017), Dušan Šimo, tenor (2017), Boris Prýgl, bass-baritone (2017), Júlia Grejtáková, piano (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017).

Year 2018

Richard Šveda (baritone), Zuzana Šveda (mezzo-soprano), Slávka Zámečníková (soprano), Júlia Grejtáková (piano).

Booking of tickets on ( and one hour before the concert directly in the church.

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